«Technology as an ally in the creative process of ‘Asfixiados’»

We spoke with Director Luciano Podcaminsky and Director of Photography Nicolás Trovato of the film “Asfixiados”, exploring the crucial role that technology plays in the creative process of this production.

During the conversation, topics such as the use of virtual production within the studios of Reducto, the artistic and technical challenges they faced, and the advantages of employing this innovative approach were discussed. Here is a summary of the key highlights and insights shared by the experts.




Adapting the ideal to the real world:

Luciano explained how, initially, he had an ideal storyboard in mind, but had to face budgetary and technical limitations which led to a reevaluation of the creative approach. Adapting and working with the available resources was essential, allowing for solutions that aligned with the project’s reality without sacrificing or compromising the quality of the idea.

Advantages of virtual production using LED screens:

Virtual production is a method that combines real actors with virtual worlds presented on LED screens. This cutting-edge technology operates in a similar manner to chroma.

According to Nicolás, the use of LED screens had a key advantage: lighting, unlike chroma which can have a negative effect and pose challenges with elements such as rain. Thanks to the screens, the scenes were adequately illuminated, creating a visual sense of realism. Additionally, he pointed out how this benefitted both the actors in terms of contextualizing the scenes and the integration of post-production.



Finding the right balance:

They both shared that one of the greatest challenges was understanding and harnessing the different available techniques. Although there were multiple approaches available, the team had to work with their available resources and explore cost-effective solutions due to time constraints and budget limitations. Achieving a balance between artistic and technical needs was essential for the project’s success.

The intelligent use of depth of field:

Nicolas highlighted the crucial role of utilizing depth of field to create a seamless blend between the actors and the projected backgrounds. By intentionally keeping certain elements out of focus and slightly overexposing the background, they achieved a level of realism that enhanced the viewer’s immersion in the story.



The impact on the actors:

Despite the initial challenges due to the need to consider multiple technical aspects while performing, it ultimately enabled them to work more comfortably and conveniently. They also pointed out the ways in which the use of virtual screens made it possible to execute scenes that would have been otherwise challenging or impossible to achieve. For instance, the scenes that were filmed in the boat. 

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Our encounter with the team reveals how technology, particularly the use of virtual production screens, is a crucial resource in the cinematic creative process.

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