Modular solution for
audiovisual productions

One hectare with different companies in the sector installed and two filming studios at the service of audiovisual production. In the center of Montevideo.


Available for the production of TV shows, filming commercials, film shoots, short films and series. In addition, they can use for events and projects cultural


Studio 1

Studio 2



The studios have a 650 m2 outdoor esplanade for loading and unloading equipment, scenery and materials directly to the set, parking for production vehicles and a catering area.


Both studios can be connected by fiber optics to the redoubt datacenter to use the connectivity and storage services available on ANTEL's infrastructure.


→ Space for catering
→ Hygienic services, 2 large bathrooms per studio
→ Kitchenette (Studio 2)
→ SUAT protected area
→ Parking for production vehicles
→ Security: is covered by a
video system with more than
50 CCTV cameras and a service
physical surveillance 24 / 7 / 365.


Both studios have flexible, multifunctional offices of different sizes and can be used by the management, client, production, make-up and wardrobe teams. They are equipped with air conditioning and furniture.


Digital infrastructure

In collaboration with ANTEL and its Tier III Data Center, we ensure access to an ultra-fast and stable internet network, to send material, store backups at the moment and edit productions from EditShare. With a maximum speed of 10GB per second.


Cold storage

In the event that it is necessary to keep a backup of the production, we offer the possibility of cold storage of up to 300 terabytes of content.


We offer Internet connectivity with upload and download speeds ranging from 1Gbps to 10Gbps for high density file transfer such as camera raw originals, dailies and VFX.

Real-time editing

Real-time editing and storage through EditShare is designed for projects challenged with creating, collaborating, and delivering 4K and 8K content, specifically designed for bandwidth-intensive formats. It offers the possibility of accessing the material from anywhere in the world, editing in real time and managing permissions and access according to needs.


Flexible offices

Production companies and service companies can operate from the redoubt as a permanent host, but also by project, which allows optimizing resources without incurring fixed costs during the rest of the year.

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Rental of flexible and multi-functional offices, private or for common use, designed to support production teams. Spaces where you can carry out costume tests, camera tests, makeup tests, among others. Centralization of all production processes in one place to optimize time, resources and costs.

Redoubt services are elastic, they can be sized to measure, adjusting to each stage of production or production service. The offices can be personalized with the identity of each production company or project.


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