Modular approach for
audiovisual productions

A full hectare devoted to audiovisual productions, located in the heart of Montevideo, housing multiple companies from the industry and a film studio.


Ready to produce TV programs, photography shoots, commercials, feature films, short films, series, and events.





The studio feature a 650 m2 outdoor area designated for the loading and unloading of equipment, scenery, and materials directly to the set. There is also plenty of parking for production vehicles and a catering area.


The studio can be connected via fiber optics to Reducto's data center, providing access to connectivity and storage services available through ANTEL's infrastructure.


Catering space.
Sanitary facilities.
SUAT protected area.
Parking for production vehicles.
24x7 physical and CCTV surveillance.


The studio has flexible, multifunctional offices of different sizes. They can be used by the management, client, production, make-up and wardrobe teams. They are equipped with air conditioning and furniture.


Reducto Cloud & Connectivity

In collaboration with ANTEL and with the support of their Tier III Data Center infrastructure, we ensure access to an ultra-fast and stable internet connection for video file transfers and storage for instant backups.


Cold Storage

Backup and archiving storage solutions, up to 300 TB. Service provided by MVDAssist and Colour.

File Transfer

Our Internet connectivity offers upload and download speeds from 1Gbps to 10Gbps, ideal for high-density file transfers like camera raw footage, dailies, and VFX.

Collaborative Editing

Storage and collaborative editing solution tailored to manage projects that face the demands of creating, collaborating, and delivering content in 4K, 6K, 8K. It offers the possibility to access material remotely from anywhere in the world, manage permissions, access, and audit all system transactions.


Flexible offices

Production and service companies can operate from Reducto either permanently or on a project basis, which allows for resource optimization without fixed expenses.

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Flexible and multifunctional office rentals, available for private or shared use, designed to support production teams. Spaces for costume fittings, camera tests, makeup trials, and more. With all production processes centralized in one place, time, resources, and costs are effectively optimized.

Reducto's services are flexible and can be perfectly sized to match the specific production stage or production service. Offices can be fully personalized to reflect the identity of each production company or project.

coffee shop
high speed internet connection
premium Wi-Fi
IP PBX System
print zone
alarm system
CCTV system
cleaning service
meeting room
shared workspaces
SUAT protected area

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