2 film studios

REDUCTO has two studios for the production of television programs, shooting of commercials, feature films, short films and series. The studios can also be used for cultural events and projects.

  • 7,642 sq ft   ·   116.4 x 65.6 x 20.3 ft
    710 m²   ·   35,5 x 20,0 x 6,2 m

  • 4,036 sq ft   ·   82 x 49 x 20.3 ft
    375 m²   ·   25,0 x 15,0 x 6,2 m

Studios have...


  • Motorized LITEC Truss lighting grid


The studios have an outdoor concourse of 650 sq m (6996.5 sq ft) for the loading and unloading of equipment, scenography and materials directly to the set, as well as parking lots for production vehicles, and a catering area.


Both studios can be connected by optical fiber to REDUCTO's Datacenter to use the connectivity and storage services available over ANTEL's infrastructure.


  • Security 24/7/365
  • Catering area
  • Restrooms: 2 ample restrooms per studio
  • Kitchenette (Studio 2)
  • Medical emergency coverage by mobile emergency company SUAT
  • Parking area for production vehicles


REDUCTO is covered by a video system with over 50 CCTV cameras and a physical surveillance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Both studios have flexible, multi-functional offices of different sizes and can be used by the management team, clients, production team, make-up and costume crews. They are equipped with air conditioning and furniture.


  • 2 multi-functional offices (16.8 sq m/180.8 sq ft and 8.20 sq m/88.2 sq ft)


  • Multi functional offices on upper floor (82 sq m/882.6 sq ft)
  • Multi functional offices on ground floor (72 sq m/775 sq ft)