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New normality

New normality

Uruguay: a successful case facing coronavirus

Little by little, Uruguay is returning to what was known some months ago. Small shops and stores are gradually opening, construction works have already resumed, and a good number of children are returning to classrooms. As daily updates on Covid cases are released, the “new normality” is making its way among the people and in the industries. The strategy adopted by Uruguayan government and the people’s observance of the guidelines, explain to a great extent the good results obtained.

Current data are encouraging

Uruguay is the first Latin American country to resume film shooting

After the announcement of health emergency, 20 audiovisual productions -including films, commercials and series- were immediately suspended. However, the main players of the sector wasted no time and approached each other in order to plan a protocol and resume activity as soon as possible. Thus, the GremioCine group, the Association of Producers and Filmmakers of Uruguay (Asoprod) and the Business Chamber of Advertising Producers of Uruguay (Ceppu) joined forces and drafted the Safety and Hygiene Plan for the Audiovisual Industry.

The document, which includes strict sanitary measures for the reactivation of the sector, was submitted earlier this month to the ministries of Public Health, and of Industry and Labor, which have endorsed the proposal. The guidelines therein contained shall be applied to each shooting stage: preproduction, shooting and postproduction.

In this sense, the permits for shooting in public spaces under the control of Montevideo City’s Government, that were suspended since March 16, 2020, are now resumed. This measure allows the restart of all shooting activities for advertisements, movies, video clips and any others to be performed on public roads, parks, squares and beaches in the city of Montevideo. Montevideo Audiovisual official statement (in Spanish).

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Uruguay is shooting!

Uruguay is shooting again in compliance with the Safety and Hygiene Plan of the Audiovisual Industry recently approved by the government.

We invite you to visit our Vimeo to see the first experiences...


CEPPU, ASOPROD and GREMIOCINE have developed the following plan with the aim of providing all workers of the audiovisual industry with a set measures being adopted or established in each and every work stage.



Shooting during COVID-19

Photo by Oriental Films

Photos by Oriental Films

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