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Talent and technical infrastructure
Varied and close-by locations

Talent and technical

Skilled technical staff

Uruguay has skilled technicians - many of them bilingual - with extensive experience in all technical areas, flexible, and with competitive rates.

Diverse Casting

As a nation of immigrants, Uruguay offers a rich array of diverse talents and ethnic backgrounds. The proximity to Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Santiago de Chile allows talent to be moved easily.

Cutting-edge technical

Uruguay has an inventory of 16/35mm film cameras, digital film cameras, lenses, lighting and grip equipment, dollies, cranes, steadicams, and drones.

Varied and close-bylocations

It is possible in Uruguay. Within less than 600 km of safe and low-traffic highways, you can access a wide variety of settings and locations. From colonial-style to Art Nouveau.


Competitive and straightforward Cash Rebate, operates as a “cash” reimbursement of a percentage of eligible expenses made in Uruguay for national productions, co-productions, production services, and international commercials. More info.



Automatic 0% VAT for most expenses associated with a production or production service aimed at international markets.

Temporary admission of equipment and products to be used in audiovisual productions. Without setbacks due to customs procedures.

Tax agreements with multiple countries to optimize fiscal impact when producing for foreign markets.

Filmed in Uruguay


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